Gift Card Scams

Gift Card Scams
Don't give scammers a gift! 

Barrhead RCMP has started to see a rise in gift card scams.  Gift cards are a popular target for scammers since they have fewer buyer protections (compared to debit or credit cards).  Once gift card funds have been used, the money is gone and untraceable.  
If you have been asked to get gift cards as payment (often large sums of money), call Barrhead RCMP (780-674-4848).

Common Themes:
  • Often, scammers will pretend to be from a legitimate organization with authority (police, border control, utility companies, tech support, etc.).
  • Scammers will try scare you into acting quickly, often demanding to be payed immediately or face terrible repercussions.
  • Scammers will sometimes demand that you purchase multiple gift cards at different stores, so that cashiers don't become suspicious.
  • Often, scammers will remain on the phone with you while you purchase the gift cards, to ensure you remain hooked, walk you through the process, and ask for the gift card numbers & PINs as soon as the purchases have been made. 
If you have been scammed:
  • Report immediately to local RCMP (780-674-4848) and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center.
  • Immediately report to the company that issued the card (there is usually a customer service number on the back of the card).
  • Keep the physical cards & payment receipts 
More Information: 
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