Safer Communities and Neighborhoods (SCAN)

Safer Communities and Neighborhoods (SCAN)
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Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) is a unit of the Alberta Sheriffs that helps keep communities safe by dealing with problem properties that are being used for specific illegal activity such as:
  • drug trafficking
  • prostitution
  • child exploitation
  • gang-related crime

Reporting suspicious properties through SCAN:

  • improves community safety
  • empowers citizens
  • targets properties, not individuals
  • holds property owners accountable for activities on their properties
How SCAN Works: 
When community members report a suspicious property, SCAN investigators can:
  • begin an investigation
  • gather information
  • issue a warning letter
  • mediate the dispute
  • work with the landlord to facilitate an eviction or resolution
  • apply to the courts for a Community Safety Order that can:
    • call for owners to meet a number of conditions, or
    • allow the property to be closed for up to 90 days
  • take any measures necessary to safely and effectively close the property

SCAN operates under the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) Act to target properties, not people.


Make A Report

To confidentially report a suspicious property, contact SCAN toll-free at 1-866-960-SCAN (7226), or fill out the form here.

If you report a suspicious property, your information is safe and confidential.

No one can disclose your identity to any person or agency, including law enforcement and courts, without your consent.

After you report a suspicious property, you'll be contacted by a member of SCAN.

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