Frequently Asked Questions

BARCC Connect Frequently Asked Questions 
How much does this cost me?
BARCC Connect is a free service provided by BARCC and your local municipality. 
For cell phone users who subscribe to SMS alerts, standard message rates will apply.  No information that consumes large amounts of data (i.e. images or videos) will be sent. Links to such additional information will be provided but users can access them at their discretion.

How do I change my information or unsubscribe?
You can change your settings at any time!  Visit the Registration Page and click on "My Account."  Log in with your email and password, and update any details or communication settings.   

What if I'm not home?
If you have voicemail or an answering machine, BARCC Connect will leave an automated message after the tone. You can also alter your account settings at any time and select different notification methods depending on your needs.

Who can sign up?
This system is open for anyone to register, however your physical address plays a key role in some of the alerts you will receive. Users who do not have a physical address input may receive alerts regarding broad subject matter, but will not receive geographic alerts such as crime notifications or service interruptions in their immediate area. For assistance with your physical address contact your local municipality.

Who messages me? Can I message them back?
Only your municipality and the regional RCMP will be able to send you alerts. Although you cannot reply to these messages directly, there will always be instructions on how to respond.

Can I send information to the RCMP and municipality through this system?
No, this system sends out mass notifications about an event affecting a select group of users in real time. It is not designed to process incoming information from users. Users are encouraged to contact local RCMP or their municipality if they have information to provide and all alerts will have information on how users can respond appropriately.

Will I get spammed?
Every effort is made to ensure users only receive alerts that are relevant and important to them. General information will not be sent through this system, only urgent information that is time sensitive and directly affects the user.
Is my personal information safe?
User information is kept on a secured server with very limited access and cannot be used for any purpose other than what you have signed up for. For details visit our Privacy Policy.