Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design - Training

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design:
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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a unique approach to crime prevention that uses the design & management of public spaces to deter criminal activity.  CPTED aims to reduce crime opportunities by modifying the environment of a space.    
CPTED is greatly effective when adopted by curators of public spaces - especially municipal staff in public works or parks & recreation, but also other managers of public spaces like community peace officers, community hall managers, campground operators, school planners, and others! 
CPTED Certification Course:
October 2-4, 2023
Join us October 2-4, 2023, and learn how to implement CPTED principles in your municipality's public spaces.  This training course features classroom learning, as well as instructor-led site visits through the Town of Barrhead to get hands-on experience with assessing public spaces and implementing CPTED principles. 
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Date: October 2-4, 2023
Time: 3 full days, 8:30-4:00
Cost: $35.00 (regular price: $395.00!)
Location: Charles Godberson Multi-Purpose Room,
Barrhead Agrena (5607-47 St, Barrhead)
Snacks & refreshments will be available, lunch is not provided. Deadline to register is September 27, 2023.
What You'll Learn: 
Course participants will get an introduction to CPTED concepts, learn how to utilize assets like lighting, landscaping, barriers, and traffic to reduce opportunity for crime, write CPTED reports, and get hands-on experience with field assessments at offsite locations!

Unique to this specific CPTED course, participants will learn about implementing CPTED principles in small-town and rural settings. 
Participants will leave the course with their Basic CPTED Certification, which imparts comprehensive knowledge of CPTED principles. Additionally, Basic CPTED Certification is the first step to receiving Professional Accreditation from the International CPTED Association.